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Firefly Addiction & Family Therapy offers a comprehensive place for healing for families, individuals, and couples. 

Our modalities are based on the principles of a systems approach, which is a deeper understanding of how families and couples form relationships including how we communicate, what roles we play, and how we learn to navigate through hardships.

Sometimes outside factors, such as substance or pornography addictions, influence these dynamics and work to destroy the family or marriage relationship.

Come to Firefly Addiction & Family Therapy where we have knowledge of the foundations of family systems and the added advantage of working with addiction treatment.

Outpatient Substance Use Program

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Do you know the average cost for a 28 day stay at a residential facility is $25, 166?
So many people are struggling with addiction and the research shows that the reasons behind why people are hesitant to seek treatment comes down to cost, time conflicts, and accessibility.  

There is also a misperception that the only treatment option is residential rehabilitation.   This is simply not the case.  Outpatient Addiction Treatment is another option.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment is another option for those who are struggling with addiction and have a busy schedule, responsibilities and obligations at home, and don’t have the finances to cover the cost of residential rehabilitation.    Outpatient Addiction Treatment offers the same level of intensive therapy, psychoeducational classes, and individual attention offered in a residential setting for a quarter of the cost.

At Firefly Addiction & Family Therapy we understand that cost should not be the main reason behind why you aren’t getting the help you need.

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