Family dynamics are complicated.  Understanding family roles, hierarchies, alliances, and overt/covert family processes is best handled by a therapist trained to understand and mitigate these systems.      

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Are you looking to rescue a relationship?  Have you lost connection, stuck in the same arguments, or having trouble communicating?  Learn how to reestablish a loving connection, rebuild healthy communication, and forgive past injuries.   

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At Firefly Addiction & Family Therapy we offer individual, couples and family therapy in a welcoming environment to allow for a safe place to work through some of those tough issues.  Therapy involves talking about your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors and the things that are troubling you. Sometimes you might need to spend time talking about relationships with others.  

Our therapists are trained in dual diagnosis and can help with treatment for depression, anxiety, trauma, relational conflict, grieving, and learning new life skills.  We will work with you to understand the patterns or dynamics in your life that may be in the way of you accomplishing your goals.  We can help you in your process of changing patterns of thinking, learning new skills, changing behaviors, and healthy ways to feel and express your emotions.         

Sometimes we need some help on an individual basis to work through issues of depression, anxiety, and  trauma, and sometimes we just feel stuck.  Maybe you are working to maintain your recovery.  We can help with both. 

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